Services We Offer

Computer Assemble

You need a computer but you have a limit budget? We can help you assemble a computer with the right specs perfect for your budget. Rest assured that you’ll be properly explained with what you are building

Laptop LCD Replacement

Regardless of how careful we are in handling our laptop, there are instances where accidents happen. If your experience happen to damage your LCD, we can replace it.

Computer Repair

Is your computer experiencing a problem which prevents you from using it? Don’t worry we got your covered. We do computer repair for both software and hardware issues.

Computer Issues – Why Computer Repair Service is Needed

With the availability of information online, dealing with computer issues especially those related to software issues could easily be fixed by any computer user. All you have to do is use Google and you’ll find the information you are looking for. If you need a better tutorial for help, you can use Youtube videos.

However, do keep in mind that there are computer problems that could not be fixed easily. If ever you have already exhausted possible resources to help you deal with a certain computer problem, then the best thing to do is call the service of a reliable computer technician. We at Komptek Davao could certainly help.

There are computer problems especially those related to hardware issues that need the experience of a knowledgeable technician. When you suspect that the problem has something to do with your hardware especially those inside the system unit, the experts should deal with it. You certainly don’t want to make the problem worst and end up spending more than what was initially needed.

Below are the reasons to choose us if you need a computer repair service.

Is your Computer Running Slow?

If you experience slowing of your computer, do not wait that the condition becomes worst before you contact a technician for help. Give us a message, we can check your computer for free and offer a solution.

It is also a good idea to know simple yet important things about slowing of computers.

There could be a lot of reason why your computer slows down. Addressing several of these would be a good idea. The very first thing you need to do is identify these reasons first so you know if you could do something about it. The general reason why computers slow down is because we are using it. As you download programs and install them, surf the internet and save various files to your computer like movies, music, images and other files.

The first thing you can do is to check your browser for add-ons. You can Google ways on how to check your internet browser for add-ons, disable or remove those that you don’t use anymore. Next, check your hard drive. A failing hard drive affects the performance of your computer. There are free applications you can download which could check the health of your hard drive. One of the best software you can try is “HDDScan”. Here is a review of this tool.

It is also important to take note that running a lot of applications all at once can slow down your computer. This would most likely happen when your RAM is low. Check how much RAM is installed in your computer. If its only 1 or 2 gb. Then your might want to consider adding a RAM to your computer. It is quite easy to install a RAM, but it could be daunting for first timers. You can check youtube tutorials. No too confident in doing it? Call us, we would be glad to assist.

Other reasons why your computer is slowing down:

  • You have more than 1 antivirus installed.
  • Too many start up programs
  • Hard Drive almost full.


Why Choose Us

Friendly Technicians

We are willing to answer all your questions and always glad to work for you. Our friendly technicians knows the importance of respect in dealing with customers.


We offer quality service at a reasonable and affordable price.

Quality Service

We have been doing computer repair and other services for several years already. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience in doing their job. And we also implement a system where our technicians learn and become better

You have a Computer Problem, We have the Solution

If you are experiencing any of the following, we can help.

  • computer running slow
  • computer freezing
  • malwares and viruses
  • data loss
  • software errors
  • and other computer related problems
Komptek Davao - Solution to Computer Issues

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