Fix Samsung Laptop Screen not Working but still Running

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This post is specifically about how to fix black screen on a Samsung laptop. However, base on various online sites we visited, it also worked for other laptop brands such as HP and Toshiba especially the old ones where the issue is quite common. There are small cases that laptop screen won’t also turn on for Dell and Asus brands. In general the article aims to be your to go guide for your general issue with laptop screen not working.

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We have recently received some messages from people we know saying ‘my laptop screen is black’. We did our own research and found out that it is also a common issue on a lot of laptop users.

Please take note that as what the title says, this solution works when you actually could confirm that your laptop is running.


First Check Warranty

A Quick reminder to everyone, before doing anything on your device – especially on removing parts, check first if the device is still under a warranty. If it is, never do anything that breaks the warranty seal or know more about your warranty so you don’t do anything that can make the warranty invalid. Then, get your laptop to the official service center for professional fix.

Do this first

Verify that your power supply is properly providing electricity to your laptop. If the source is ok, there is usually a LED light on your laptop indicating that the battery is charging, this means that your power cord is ok. However, if you don’t see the light indicator, it’s probably a problem with the power cord or it is just loose. Unplug it, then connect again.

Use an External Monitor

Find an external monitor and hook it on your laptop. If it works you could possibly have an issue with your LCD panel. Hopefully, you have an extra monitor at home if not, you can ask from your friends or try other options in the article.

A LED TV that supports HDMI would also work provided that your laptop also has an HDMI connection. Most new laptops have this.

If the computer screen does not automatically display on the external monitor, press F5 (or the key with the symbol of 2 small monitors) until the screen image displays. For laptops with Fn function, press Fn + F5.

If the external display works, the first thing you have to do is update your graphics driver. Check this post for the steps on how to do update driver using a free software. Select only the graphics option or you can also update all other drivers. If you do not want to use software – we have personally tried it so most likely it would also work for you guys, another option is to go to the homepage of your laptop brand and search for the place where you can download latest graphics and chipset drivers for your specific laptop model. For Samsung users, update laptop drivers through this link.

After doing the update, restart your computer and remove the third party monitor, your laptop display should properly work now. However, it the issue still persists, most likely the LCD is defective and you need to have it replaced. It is best to let the experts do this to ensure that everything is done right. Call the service of a reliable laptop repair service in your area.

Before you call the experts, you might want to try these steps below.

Black Screen on Laptop Caused Electrical hitches

Important Note: This step does not result in data loss. The main goal here is to drain any residual electrical charge in your laptop(from the capacitors) that might be causing the problem.

  1. Turn off laptop by pressing and holding down the power button.
  2. Unplug the power source
  3. Remove your laptop’s battery
  4. Hold power the button for 1 minute,
  5. Turn on laptop with power plug only
    • This solution worked for most of the laptop users who had this problem.
  6. If it did not work, then re-do the steps 3 to 4 times.
    • There were cases where it worked after trying out the solution several times.

If this does not work, try it again up to four times. No results usually indicate a bad mother board. Hope this helps.

When this works but your laptop is stuck on the loading screen or it does not get into the main windows screen, that is another issue. Send us a message to help you with this problem.

4 loud beeps then Screen goes black forever

There are also cases when users hear 4 loud beeps then the laptop screen goes black. The beep you hear indicates that there is a problem in the laptop’s Memory called Random Access Memory – RAM. Specifically failure in the first 64KB of the operational portion of the memory.

Before doing this, you need to know how to know Anti Static Safety Practices.

In such cases, the best thing to do is remove the RAM from the laptop and reinsert after a couple of seconds. Again, before doing so, check the warranty of your device. If it still has a warranty, do not remove any hardware components inside your laptop. Turn it on and if still doesn’t work, try inserting the RAM on a different slot. This should work now.

Remember, do not force remove anything, if it does not come off easily, you might be doing it wrong. You also have to check if there are some screws that might be preventing you from easily removing the ram. Look at everything first and try removing the RAM slowly.

Here is a Youtube video which sows how to remove a laptop memory module.

Blinking Cursor but no image or Displays the Samsung screen but does not load Windows.

This type of error or problem is usually caused by a Windows Update. It usually occurs with those who have their laptop set to automatically update Windows. It can happen that while updating, the laptop suddenly went into Sleep Mode. And after trying to resume, the laptop only displays a black screen with blinking cursor.

To deal with this problem, do the following:

1 Try to wait for 45 minutes to an hour until you see something on the display. If after waiting for an hour there are no changes proceed to the next step.

2. Force the laptop to shut down by Pressing and Holding the Power button. This will not harm your computer, but there is a small chance that the system could be corrupted. Since you don’t have other option, turning off the laptop is inevitable.

3 Turn on the laptop and go to BIOS. Once you have access to the BIOS, press F9. This will load default configuration. Select Yes on the choices.

4 Press F10 to exit and Save changes.

6 Allow the laptop to restart normally.

Hoping that one of the steps above helped you solved your problem on  laptop screen not working specifically with your Samsung laptop. Share us your experienced if it worked or not through the comment section. We would also be glad to hear some solutions you have tried which is not listed above.

2 thoughts on “Fix Samsung Laptop Screen not Working but still Running

  1. Hello,
    You have a very impressive response to the issue of a black screen. I have tried all of the options and have yet to find the actual cause of the black screen on my laptop. I am wondering if there is a way to prove if the problem is the actual LCD or if it could be some other hardware or software problem.
    My laptop is the Dell 7535 Inspiron 15. I am running Win 8.1. All drivers are up to date. The symptom – my screen was flickering in the month or so before it went black…but only when the lid was moved. When the screen finally went completely black I connected the laptop to a monitor through the HDMI port and was able to pull off all my data without issue. I double checked all patches and drivers. I ran the dell diagnostics but they returned nothing. I made the assumption, due to the earlier flickering, that the LCD cable was the problem and just replaced it. No change. To be clear, I have tried the static charge experiment (removing power and battery and holding power button on for 30 seconds, then one minute, then two minutes). I also tried swapping the two RAM. I am assuming (dangerous I know) that if the external monitor works then the video card and video driver are probably not the problem. The touch screen still works.
    Before I purchase a replacement display panel is there anything I can still test to ensure that this is the most likely cause of the problem?
    Very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Richard, when you start your computer are you only seeing a black screen? If it is, then there is a high change that the problem is the LCD. But in case, you see something else for a couple of seconds on your monitor before turning black, there is a chance that your LCD is still good. With regards to other tests, everything we know is already posted in this article.

      Additionally, if the external display is fine and only the laptop has the issues. This can be due to 2 things problem with the screen or its video cable. The screen is connected to your motherboard via a cable. If this cable is damaged or loose from the connections this will the screen to malfunction. If you have the capacity, of confident enough checking the cable and finding a replacement first, you can maybe try it out first, before you buy a new LCD which I think is more expensive than just buying its cable.

      Hope my reply is not yet too late..

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