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Since you are on this page, most likely you are interested in earning online. The question now is how to get started?

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Earning online comes in different forms and the most common is selling. So basically, if you sell something you get paid. There are generally two types of selling, SELLING PRODUCTS and SELLING SERVICES.

Selling Online

Selling online is not anymore new to us Filipinos. Here is a proof.

Basically, what you do is, look for a product or create it yourself, then sell it online. Using various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, selling online becomes more effective as you are able to reach a bigger market.

Though it’s still a good way to earn, I am pretty much aware that not everyone has the guts or confidence to sell online. No intention of offending anyone, but there are just people who are too shy to sell anything online.

If this is you, good thing this is not the focus of this page; I wanted to share with you how to earn through SERVICES.

Earning Online Through Offering Service

The important thing to consider here is the word “Service”. When you think about it, there are now a lot of offers online talking about EARNING. However, many of these offers usually disappoint you.

The main reason is NOT BECAUSE EARNING ONLINE IS SCAM.  It’s mainly because you have the WRONG MINDSET.

I have been in the Online Freelancing industry for almost 5 years now. One thing I can assure you is, EARNING online is possible. However, the same as with other type of job, it doesn’t happen in an instant or it does not come easily.

Another thing to establish especially for those who are still starting online is “there is no instant cash”. Some people are looking for opportunities that can immediately give them money. However, that is not how things would start. This mentality is the main reason why a lot of people falls victim to various types of scam online.

If you don’t have the patience in investing time to learn and work hard in the process for your earning, then I suggest you stop and Google how to make fast money online and get your time and money wasted.

Thank God you reached this part. Again, it would take some time before you start earning and another time to have a good steady income stream. But, when you start earning and understand the whole idea of offering service online, then this will become a good way of earning.

Now that we are aware the earning online is not a scam, the next thing to figure out is to determine if working online is right for you or not.

“Working online is not for everyone”

Is Working Online Right for You?

Are you unemployed and looking for ways to earn while waiting for your first job?

Working online is something to explore and try.

Are you unemployed and thinking that working online is better than getting a day job?

Personally I would not say that working online is better than getting a day job especially if you have not tried a day job yet. I still highly suggest you try working under a certain company for a day job and when the experience is not good, you can always resign and look for another company.

While you are continuously looking for a day job that fits you well, try also exploring ways to earn online.  Think of it as an extra source of income.

The general idea is that for your first job; do not immediately commit full-time to online working. Your full-time work must be under a company first.

Are you employed and not happy with earning?

Get some extra income by working online. However, do not commit full-time yet if you do not fully understand the whole online freelancing industry. Remember that most of the time, earning online is not constant.

You can only go fulltime online if you are confident enough that you will get the right number of clients every month to achieve the monthly earning you desire.

Generally, while learning the in and out of earning online, do not leave your day job yet and make it still your priority. But, as long soon as you see the big picture and potential of earning online and confident you can get into it without a problem, then who I am to stop you from going for it.

What can you Offer?

If you reached this far, most likely you are determined to work online and earn some extra cash, or simply curious about it and wanted to try.

Now before you continue, it’s very important to know first what you can offer. You don’t just go online and look for jobs. You will end up with nothing if you do so.

Again, its important to determine your skills.

  • can you type fast?
  • are you good at designing
  • do you sufficient knowledge about internet, research and social media?

Some common services you can offer:

  • Graphic design service
  • Content Writer
  • Social Media Management
  • Virtual Assistant Service

Know your skills

It is a must to identify your skills first. Are you good at writing? Or designing?

If you have multiple skills, as early as now, I highly suggest you choose one which you prefer most. The whole idea is you don’t want to be a writer and designer. At least, at this time while you are still starting. You’ll have higher chance of getting a job when you focus on one niche or skill.

If you do not know what to offer, then you have to STOP HERE.  You have to access first what you can do or you can study it first before expecting to earn.

I highly suggest you go to TESDA page. If you do not want to spend for your learning, you can look for scholarship opportunities on Trainings they offer.  Just make sure the one you choose one that allows you to learn skills which you can offer online.

Things you need to Know about Various Job opportunities Online

 Graphic design service

  • Knowledge on how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
    • For designers, as long as you have the knowledge on how to use these applications, I believe you are already good to go.

Content Writer

  • You must have excellent English writing and communication skills.
    • You can’t convince a client that you are good in English writing if you can’t prove it verbally. There are times where an interview will be required.
    • Before, quantity is far more superior than quality. But that was years ago, now, quality content is very important. With this, most companies would prefer a writer with excellent grammar and English as their mother tongue. But, I do still believe that anyone can become a good writer, regardless of nationality as long as long as grammar is good.

Virtual Assistant

  • Basic online research skills
  • Knowledge in using Google platforms like Gmail, Google Docs and others
  • Above all, you need to have the time. As mentioned above, I do not recommend yet going full-time so maybe you can offer 2-3 hours a day to clients. It might difficult to find one yet, but certainly you’ll embrace more benefits if you do not go full-time yet on this job.

Upwork For Freelancing Jobs

For those who are interested to work online, I highly recommend Upwork, it’s because it’s the most popular place where you can find freelancing jobs. Here you will meet clients who are in need of various services.

Why would I recommend upwork?

Mainly because it’s the place where I started earning online. It’s the place where I am earning until now. It’s the online platform I introduced a couple of people already(mostly my friends) and they  have started earning already.

Working Online Recap

  1. Determine if Earning/Working Online is right for you.
  2. If your answer is yes, know your skills – what you can offer to clients.
  3. Start at to meet clients who are looking for freelancers. This is the place where you can apply for an online job.

So what’s next?

If you are interested enough, you can go ahead and research about Upwork, create your account then get started.

My next article is how to start on Upwork and How to make the most out of it. Additionally, I will also publish articles on other earning opportunities online so if you are interested in such articles please subscribe.

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