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Recently we had experienced a problem related to Microsoft Office. The client told us she is seeing an error “Exel.exe – Bad Image Error” when trying to open and excel file. Surprisingly Microsoft Word is working fine. The only application affected is Microsoft Excel. This article will contain the steps we did to fix the error.

More Info about the Bad Image Error

Upon doing our research we have learned that this issue is not only limited to Excel, there were also cases where Microsoft Word or Onenote is also affected.  There were also instances were some users experienced a different error message:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\office14\mso.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing  the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.

Upon trying out solutions presented online, it lead to the same error message discussed here. Thus, I suggest when you experienced some problem related to Microsoft office, the very first thing to try is the steps outlined below. I can assure its safe and you don’t have to do any changes in your system or Microsoft program files.

Additionally, online users who experienced this problem often had Windows 10 as operating system and Microsoft Office 2016.

Steps to Fix Microsoft Office Error

First is to access control panel, doing so depends on your Operating System so if you do not know how to get here, there are a lot of guides online. Here is one.  Opening control panel in different OS.

To make sure you can follow everything on this step, view option must be by Category.

Look for the Microsoft Office application on the list you see, then right click on the icon.

After this, you will be prompted with a message if the problem is fixed or not. Most likely, this will fix the problem you experience.

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