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The best PC optimization software is one that could help improve the overall performance of your computer. It is capable of performing various processes that removes anything that slows down your computer or fixes any issues in its setting that’s keeping it from performing at a top-level. Some of these processes involve removing temporary files, eliminating corrupted registry files, and checking that your RAM is in a good state.

So when do you think you’ll need the aid of a pc care software? The right time is when your computer suffers from a very slow boot time or your computer is not running as it normally does during the previous months. Other issues you might encounter could be your computer suddenly crashing down. Before heading to your trusted computer repair company, simply running a pc optimization software might fix the problem. 

Advanced SystemCare Free

Advanced System Care is a free application that helps speed up your computer with its AI capabilities. This makes cleaning up your PC faster and easier. 

AI Capability

With the AI mode the application learns from your optimization settings and the overall performance of your PC. Thus, it could easily find out any significant changes in your computer’s performance. When it finds out that your pc encounters an error, it would try to fix it the best way possible. 

Data and Privacy Protection

This application also minimizes the risks of getting your sensitive data exposed online. It helps clear your privacy traces online and fixes and security issues in your computer. 

Real-Time Tuneup

This feature allows the application to monitor your computer status in real-time and acts accordingly as needed. When necessary it releases RAM space as well as disk space automatically. 


  • This application is an all-in-one software that optimizes the performance of your computer system. 
  • The AI technology it uses is a new breakthrough and helps a lot in keeping the performance of your PC the way you want it.


  • The application has limitations since it’s only a free version, you’ll enjoy all its features when you get the pro version.

This application supports Windows 10/Win8/ Win 7/Vista/XP

Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

If you are looking for totally free pc optimization software, you could try the Total PC Cleaner. It helps you deal with unnecessary cache files and other big files that are slowing down your computer. 

The application has an app uninstaller as well which makes uninstalling unnecessary applications a lot easier. If your computer is cluttered with duplication files, this PC cleaner could fix this too.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer Free

Another application that is free to use for those who are looking for an excellent PC cleaner is Ashampoo Winoptimizer Free Version. The program promises to accelerate and clean your computer system easily with just a few clicks of a button. 

It is more than just a cleaner, it provides various utilities to help make your computer run smoothly. If your Windows 10 computer is becoming very slow, you could try this software.

 Speed Boost your PC

The Ashampoo WinOptimizer promises to boost the current speed of your computer especially if you have observed that it has significantly slowed down. It gets rid of unnecessary processes and services running on your computer. It checks your startup and ensures a quick boot uptime. With all of these, you’ll definitely feel the improved performance of your computer.

 More Analytical Details.

Another good feature of the Ashampoo PC optimizer is its analytical capabilities. This is not only limited to disk space usage, but it also gives data on hard disk benchmarks as well as cpu and hard drive performance. With this, you’ll have an idea, what is causing the slowing down of your computer. Of if you could not determine it, you could use the information to ask your computer-geek friends what’s wrong with your computer. 

  20+ Million Users

It is also good to highlight that this application is currently used and trusted by 20+ Million people. This means that you’ll surely be in good hands if you download and install this application. The company that made the product has over 20 years of experience in the industry.  

Advanced System Optimizer – Free Trial

If you love using applications like CCleaner, then you would certainly like to use the Advanced System Optimizer. Give this software a try if you are interested you are looking for premium pc optimization software to install on your computer. Make sure that you use the trial version first for one month prior to buying the pro version. 

One of the good things about using this app is its ability to run in the background. You won’t know that a pc optimizer is running on your computer. It manages your computer system effectively while you are performing your daily computer tasks. 

The applications come with around 30 tools and all these could help improve the performance of your computer. These tools come in an easy-to-use interface so using it will not be a problem. The interface will let you know the issues of your computer and will give advice on what you can do using the tools available. 

Iolo System Mechanic – Free Trial

The Iolo System mechanic is an all-around software for security and optimization. It helps prevent your computer from slowing down due to unnecessary background apps running on your computer. Aside from this, it also helps protect your computer against virus invasions such as malware and spyware.

Easy to Navigate Interface

When it comes to using any computer applications, including those intended to optimize computer performance, one of the problems most users come across is the difficulty of using it. And if you are not that techy, the more you’ll be intimidated in using such an app. Good thing the Iolo system mechanic comes with an easy-to-navigate interface. All the tools and options you have to boost your PC could be found on the left panel of the software.

Quick and Deep Scan

In this pc care software, you have the option to do a quick or deep scan. You can opt to do the quick scan if you don’t have much time to wait until you could use your computer. But, if you are not planning to use your pc for a longer period of time, you can do a deep scan. 

After scanning your computer, the software will provide you with a comprehensive report of any problems and the option to fix it. You only need to click the Repair Now button and you are already good to go.

And if ever you want to learn more about the issue you experience, the program also could give you such details. 

Real-Time PC Boost

One of the best features of the Iolo System Mechanic is its real-time boost. This helps enhance the performance of your processor, memory and hard drive in real-time. With this feature, its possible to stop any background processes that are slowing down your computer. This is done with a simple one-click of a button. 

AVG PC TuneUp Free Trial

If you want to premium pc optimizer service from a reputable name in the tech industry, your best option would be the AVG PC Tuneup. It has the ability to fix and maintain your computer in good performance automatically. 

This application promises to make significant changes especially when you are already experiencing frequent freezes and crashes on your computer. It has the feature to perform a turning maintenance on your computer on a weekly basis so all you need to do is enjoy using your computer in its optimum performance.

This PC tuneup application is good when it comes to checking your registry for issues and fixing them automatically. With this, you’ll experience fewer errors and crashes. Additionally, it also has other tools like cleaning browser traces, checking cookies and cache files. 

Revamped Sleep Mode Technology

We are already aware of the fact that the more applications you have on your computer, the slower your computer becomes. The slowing down of your computer usually happens when some of these applications are running in the background without your knowledge. With the revamped sleep mode Technology of the AVG Tuneup, you don’t need to worry about this. The program will only run when you need to use it. 

Software Uninstaller

The program also comes with an easy-to-use uninstaller. It helps you find and remove any unwanted software on your computer. If you find apps that you do not use anymore or you don’t plan to use in the next six months, it is best to just uninstall them. 

With the AVG optimizer users are expected to experience around 79% quicker startup, 30% improvement of computer performance, and around 70 GB of cleaned up hard drive space. With this kind of performance, this could be one of the best pc optimization software for gaming you could find online.

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