Fix: Computer Screen Goes Black but Computer Still Running after Startup


One of the most common experiences of computer users is computer screen goes black but computer still running. There are two instances where this could happen. One is after turning on the computer, the PC is actually running already but nothing is displaying on the monitor. The other instance is you are already using the computer and after being idle for some time, or while using it the monitor suddenly turns black.

If you are among the many who experience this computer issue, do not worry, this article will try to help you.

This problem could be due to different reason so you have to check thoroughly your computer in order to find the problem and fix it. An ordered process like the one presented here is necessary so you don’t end up wasting a lot of your time.

Is the Computer Really Running?

Prior to doing any troubleshooting, make sure that the computer is indeed turned on. If it’s not, a different problem and a computer not turning on which requires a different solution.

Signs that the computer is running:

  • there is light in the computer case
  • you hear some of the fans running inside the case
  • you hear a beep after turning your computer on

Check the Monitor

Since nothing is displayed on the monitor, we can immediately assume that the problem has something to do with the monitor. With this, we have to determine if the monitor is indeed functioning. To do so, connect the monitor to other devices like a laptop or a different computer set.

Before you connect to another device remove first all the cable connected to the monitor first to ensure that nothing is loose. Just remove the cables to the monitor and reconnect again.

If it works, then the problem is not on your monitor and most problem on your computer unit.

If it still does not work, try changing the VGA cable and the power cable. If any of these is broken, your monitor will not work. If you have some spare cables, that would really be useful. If none, try borrowing these from a friends computer unit just for a quick check.

If no luck, most probably the problem is the monitor.

Try a Different Monitor

Since the monitor is not working on a different computer, there is a big chance that the monitor is already faulty which needs to be replaced. But before you do so, just to be 100% sure, borrow a working monitor from a friend and use it on your computer, it worked, then you need to buy a new monitor.

The problem is now fixed.

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Remove Connections and Restart

If the problem is not in the monitor itself, the next thing to do is to remove all cables/wires outside the computer case and as much as possible also the graphics card(if there is) and RAM. Below are guides on how to do this. After removing and inserting again, you turn on the computer again and check if the monitor is now working.

Video Guide on How to Remove Graphics Card


Video Guide on How to Remove Reseat RAM

Connect To Onboard Graphics

If everything is ok with the monitor and all connections are checked, the next thing to do is try not to use the graphics card. Most of the time, this black screen problem is caused by a faulty graphics card.

Remember that all motherboards come with an onboard graphics. We usually do not use this and prefer having a graphics card since its better than the one that comes onboard.

To determine if the graphics card is not causing the issue, connect the VGA cable of your monitor to the onboard graphics.

If the monitor worked fine when you used the onboard graphics then its time that you have to change your Graphics Card.


So to recap, when you turn on your computer and the screen goes black even if you could confirm that the computer is running, you have to check the following:

  • determine if the monitor is working by connecting it to a different computer
  • try removing all connection on the computer and reconnecting then restart the computer.
  • remove the graphics card and RAM, then after a few seconds insert again (do not forget to turn off the computer when doing this)
  • use the onboard graphics of the motherboard.

Hopefully, the processes above were able to help you fix your issues. It would be great if you could leave a comment below on your experience and how were you able to deal with the problem.

If you need some help with anything related to your computer, give us a message, it would be our pleasure to help.

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