How to Fix CPU at 100%


The central processing unit(CPU) acts as the computer’s main brain. When bombed with a lot of activities it becomes overwhelmed. When this occurs the computer fan rotates at a speed higher than the normal. The computer becomes slow or even unresponsive.


On opening the task manager, you will find that the CPU usage will be 100%. This comes around due to either a single software which is so demanding or multiple programs running the same time. But you don’t have to worry because the possible causes for the 100% rise and their remedies are as follows.

Check the Many background processes running on your PC.

Background processes are computer programs which run on your PC even when they are not open on any window. At any given time, the PC will have lots of background processes running.

Most of them are usually useful to the computer as they are required to run windows. But over time due to a large number of programs you install the processes increase in number making your CPU to be 100%. The CPU at 100% becomes overwhelmed slowing the overall computer performance.

To solve this problem, open the task manager window (press CTRL + ALT + Delete). Identify processes which tend not to be useful. Right Click on them, then End Task.

Restarting the PC is also a good idea, on restarting the PC, the processes will be stopped. They won’t start when the window starts.

Choose a Lightweight Antivirus.

Antiviruses are helpful to your computer but sometimes they tend to be annoying. Especially when they start the scanning process they can consume a very large amount of the processor load.

To solve this issue, install only well-known and trusted Antivirus Applications like Avast. There are currently tons of AV software today which are free to use, but putting your trust on known products will save you from a lot of troubles since it has already been tested by different users.

I personally use AVAST and have never encountered major issues.

If you are using other Antivirus program make sure that it is not set to do an automatic complete scan on your computer on a certain time of the month or day. This will surely make your computer run slow. It is much better to do this complete computer scan manually once a month.

Or, if you really wanted to turn on this automatic scan feature, you will need to adjust the scheduling function. Changing the schedule will prevent the high CPU usage as you allocate it a time which you are not using it.

Check Computer for Malware infections

Malware play a role in affecting the general performance of your PC. When a malware invades your PC it creates background processes which are spread through email and networks. The spreading process usually requires a lot of processing power hence hindering the general performance of the pc.

To deal with the malware problem you should download malware scanning applications. Malwarebytes is appropriate for the scanning process. Once you identify the malware you can now run you’re your antivirus and delete it.


Check for Potential Driver problems

This should be the last thing you try because it is the least likely cause of 100% CPU usage. Drivers like the graphics, video, and chipset could cause poor performance in a pc when they are not installed.

To deal with the driver problems you can download driver scanning software which will scan for missing software. Once scanned the will give you the option to download them either freely or paying for some of them.

Check this post under “Make sure your Drivers are Updated First” to use a software to easily update your drivers.

You can also scan for missing drivers from the device manager window. It scans then give you the option to update or download.

After trying all these options, you will probably have fixed the 100% CPU usage problem. The trick is to try one solution at a time. In case the problem persists you can seek for help of reliable computer services in your area. So do not sit and watch your PC when it is underperforming. You could also do some research on how to improve the performance of your computer.


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