Laptop Turn Itself Off After 5 seconds Turning On


Recently, a friend of mine asked for help regarding his laptop just turning off after several seconds of turning it on. I am pretty sure I have experienced this kind of issue before but it was on a desktop computer not on a laptop. Aside from relying on my own personal computer knowledge, I also did some research and below are the things I learned and tips on how to solve this issue.

As I always say when it comes to fixing computer issue, it is always best to check for a warranty. If it’s still under warranty, it is best to go to the nearest service center for your laptop.

Try These Quick Fix

Removing the Battery

One of the common solutions to this problem is removing the battery then hold the power button for a couple of minutes then reconnect the battery and turn it back on.

Try turning on without Battery

It is also possible that the cause of the problem is a problematic battery so try removing it and turn it on without the battery. If the laptop works with just the AC adaptor, then its time to replace your battery.

Changing the Power Cord

It is also possible that the culprit is your power cord. When the power cord is not working the way it used to work, it could give off too much electricity or the lack of it in which both situations could damage the laptop. Thus, the laptop turns itself off for protection. Try replacing the power cord. If this solves the problem, then its time for a new power cord.

Load the Bios

Try loading the BIOS. If it stays there more than 5 seconds up to a minute without turning off, then most likely the problem is with your operating system. Re-installing your OS would fix the problem.

However, if it still restarts even if its in the BIOS, most likely its a hardware problem.

Main Cause of the Problem

The issue of a laptop turning of itself after turning on is usually due to overheating. Something is overheating inside the laptop so the motherboard shuts down on its own to protect its components. Most likely it’s the CPU or GPU overheating. It could also be due to a faulty motherboard.

If you are confident in opening your laptop, do the following. Otherwise, it is best to consult the service of a laptop technician.

Open the Laptop and Clean for Dust

Check the inside of the laptop for dust especially on the ventilation area. If this is full of dust, heat inside the laptop could not escape and will accumulate causing heat to destroy your laptop slowly. If this happens for a long time, it will eventually lead to this issue. So thoroughly clean the inside of your laptop and if your a beginner, be sure that you check some tutorials online first. You can either use blowers or cans of compressed air.

Apply New Thermal Paste on the CPU and GPU

Overheating on any of these parts of the laptop could lead to a serious problem. Check if there is still enough thermal compound placed on the CPU or GPU, if you see that there is almost none, you can apply a new thermal paste. This paste ensures that heat is properly transferred from the CPU to the heat sink.

Check the Heat Sink

It is also possible the heat sink is not anymore doing its function. This results to overheating so try checking this part. If you see that its already corroded or is not properly installed anyone due to some broken parts, it is best to have it replaced and check if it fixes the problem.

Ensure that it’s not a Memory Issue

Since you have already opened your laptop, you can try removing its memory module and just place it again. Make sure that when doing this you do it gently in order not to damage this component. Ensure that the memory is firmly seated on its designated place.


If all of these fails, the best thing to do now is to visit the Service Center of the brand of your Laptop.

Now if the service center recommends replacing the motherboard, it is best to just purchase a new laptop instead of using your old one especially when you have been using the laptop for many years already.

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