Build your Own PC: The Complete Guide for Filipinos

Most definitely, buying a computer set that you could immediately use at home after buying it in the market is ideal. However, it still depends on the person who will use it. Some people want the most personal and adaptable computer and in there is no other way to achieve this than to build your own PC. If you are one of these guys, then this pc build guide is for you especially if you are from the Philippines.
Setting up your own computer is the best option for those who are looking forward to upgrading their PC after several months, a year or depending on their mood. There is a different kind of satisfaction when you build a personal computer yourself.
In terms of being less expensive, yes you could save money when doing things yourself, however its not that much of a difference. It also depends on how good you are in doing your research online. You can save more if you know how to do your research well to find the best build your own pc stores.

Building a Computer Quick Checklist

Here are the components you’ll need to build your own PC
  • Processor
  • Motherboard
  • Memory
  • Storage – Hard Disk
  • Power Supply
  • Computer Case
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Speaker

Basic Computer Components

Below are the basic components you need to purchase to build your own PC. Before you shop for these components make sure that you already know your goal in getting a PC. What its purpose is and the budget you have, its use for now and in the future as well. Take all these into consideration.


The very first thing you need consider is the motherboard. This component holds most of the parts of the computer. Choose a motherboard that could house other parts of the computer without any compatibility issues. What I mean here is investing in a new and high-end motherboard would be ideal to ensure that your PC will be high performing. If you decide to buy those which are very cheap, you might find it hard to find other components that are compatible with the old motherboard you purchased.


This is the component that measures that performance of your computer. So if you want to experience fast computer performance, you need to purchase the right processor. When you search for a processor, you need to check its capacity which is measured in GHz, the higher the value, the faster it performs. A good rule to consider purchasing a processor is to check its core value and its generation. The higher the value the better. You can learn more about it on this post: Intel Processors Generations.
If you decide not to go with intel processors, you could go for the AMD brand. In general, it is best to purchase a new processor instead of the old ones. The latter may be cheap but definitely lacks power.

Memory (RAM)

The next component would be the Memory or more specifically Random Access Memory (RAM). The purpose of this component is to storage for temporary data. So what happens when you use applications or programs on your computer is it stores temporary data on your RAM. The higher the capacity of your RAM the more data it can store. When your RAM is insufficient compared to your computing demand, that is the time that you will experience some ‘lag’ on your computer since the RAM is almost full.
If you have a high performing processor but low RAM, you still could not experience the full processor capacity. To date, an average performing computer needs to have at least 4 GB of memory. The higher the better.
Users who usually do multi-tasking or fund of opening various applications at a time, it is necessary to invest in 4 GB memory or more. Remember that the more you do on your computer, the more memory you need.


If RAM provides the storage space for temporary data, all permanent data are saved on your Storage Drive. This drive could either be Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD). The simplest difference between the two is with the SSD, you write files a lot faster and more energy-efficient. If you don’t have issues with the budget, you can go for the faster SSD especially if you are the type of person who does not want to wait when it comes to saving large files. The best reason to go for SSD would be its durability. Your data will be safe for a longer period of time since the device is less susceptible to damage.
Personally, I don’t think there is a need to spend more on SSDs as of the moment. HHD for me is still a good option especially for those who are particular with a budget.
Know the difference between the two on this video.

Power Supply Unit(PSU)

As the name of this component suggests, it supplies the power(electricity) to all components of your computer. It is best to invest in a robust power supply especially when you are building a high performing computer. Enough power is needed to run all the components of your new computer.

Computer Case

The very first thing that many would consider when buying a computer case it how it looks. Yes, having a good looking case would be great but you also need to consider the design. The case must promote proper airflow to properly manage the computer temperature when it is working.

Other Computer Parts

The remaining components don’t need explanation and most definitely you already know the purpose of these which are the following:
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Speaker
I highly suggest you give more value in purchasing your mouse and keyboard since these parts will among the most-used components. Be sure that you invest in good quality mouse and keyboard that would not easily break especially when you are fund of playing on your computer. Gaming could easily break your mouse so invest in one with a good brand that would surely last longer than the cheap ones.

Benefits of Custom-built PC

With the growth of online stores which brought cheap options for computer enthusiasts, there is a significant growth in the popularity of custom-built computers. So instead of purchasing a pre-built computer, one that you could immediately use after purchase, you build your own computer according to your preference. You purchase all the needed parts/components then you assemble it.
Yes, it might sound a tedious job, but for the right person, this is not only interesting but fun as well.

Money Saving

We all wanted to save money right? This also applies to buying a computer. You would certainly save a lot when you build it yourself. What I would suggest is spending ample time in doing your research on where you could purchase online. We recently built a computer that cost us Php 21,000. We were able to save around 4,000-6,000 comparing it to local price. We did our purchase at Lazada.
A pro tip would be to watch out for those flash sales, it will help you save a lot. Just make sure that you only purchase on sellers with good reviews and read as many reviews as possible from people who have already bought the same item from them.

Getting Creative

Imagine being able to create your own computer from your own imagination. You choose the specs of the components, the brand, and overall design – that’s just cool, right? This is the reason why you would certainly feel a different kind of satisfaction when your done building your PC.
Since you do everything yourself, it becomes your skill. Your friends could now get your help in setting up their own computer you could even earn from it if you want.

Longer Life

When you custom-build a PC, you will have better confidence in yourself when it comes to dealing with computer issues. You could easily replace those parts which you think is already broken. Unlike those who purchase pre-built PC, when it encounters some hardware issues, it becomes tempting to purchase a whole new system.
You were already in the situation before when you have all the component with you, it’s still not working and you learned the skills on how to make it work. Thus, you are more confident in replacing any broken parts.

How to Assemble the PC

Now that you have an idea on all the parts you need, the next thing you need to learn is how to put these pieces into one.

How Much Does it Cost?

Motherboard – Php 4,500 (sale from 5,300)
MSI Mortar B450M
Processor – Php 5,600
Ryzen 3 3200g (AMD) 3rd Gen
Memory –  Php 1,800
Kingston Hyper X, 8 GB 2,666 mhz cl 16.
PSU – Php 1,800
80+ True Rated PSU 700 Watts
Monitor (Used) – Php 3,400
HDD 1 TB-  Php 1,800
Mouse Keyboard – Php 500
Case – Php 1,900
Techware Nexu M

Total Cost: Php 21,300.00

Is Building a PC Easy?

Well, it is not that easy. It’s actually a tedious job, but most definitely it could be done by anyone, especially to those who very much curious and interested in how to do it.
One thing to consider is it would also require some time to get everything working so if you badly need to have a PC as soon as possible, then building it your own would not be a good idea.


Now that you know how to build your own PC, give it a try. You’ll definitely appreciate the whole process and much more using your computer knowing that you have put the extra effort to purchase all the components and put everything in one place to make it work.
I have been a computer and technology enthusiasts since college days where I took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Writing started as a hobby till I started earning through it which started last 2014. Since then I have writing and blogging. And also trying to expand my knowledge in the field of online marketing.

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