Epson printer no maintenance tab in printing 2018


This article provides fix/solution for users of Epson printer having problem with no maintenance tab in printing preference. If you experience this problem recently, below are the steps on how to get it fixed.

Epson printer no maintenance tab – Easy Fix

First, Make sure that the Maintenance Tab is really missing. Go through these steps

Click Windows Logo

Go to Control Panel

Under Hardware and Sound, click View devices and Printers


If you can’t see the maintenance tab here, then continue below to learn how to get it fixed.

Search for the Official Page of Epson for downloading the most recent driver for your printer.

Select your printer model on the different options available on the site.

If you can’t find it manually, you can search for it. Just make sure you know the right model of your printer.

Download the driver which is right for your Windows OS. Then install. After installing the recent driver, restart your computer and check again the maintenance tab following the steps above.


Reason why one needs to Access Maintenance Tab

Changing Epson’s Default Layout

When you look into your printer manual, it says that you have to access Maintenance tab to change the default lay-out. For Windows 10 OS, the manual might say you go to “Windows Extended Settings’. However, there is another option where you don’t have to go to this. All you have to do is go to Control Panel, then Under Hardware and Sound, click “View devices and Printers”.

Run Print Head Clean

If your printer experiences various printing issues like cartridge getting stuck, printing quality decreased significantly like colors arent printing properly and a lot more. It might be caused by issues in the print head. Good thing it can easily be fixed by accessing a one click button on your printer properties. However, it would be difficult to use this feature if you see No Maintenance Tab in printing preference.

Useful Utilities under the Maintenance Tab

On this tab, you will find various utilities a computer user can use for various purposes. Namely, these utilities are Status Monitoring, Nozzle Check, Head Cleaning(as mentioned above), Print Head Alignment and Printer and Option Information.

In order to understand better the use of these utilities, go to the explanation from Epson page.


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7 thoughts on “Epson printer no maintenance tab in printing 2018

  1. Hi, I’ve tried the first half of this but I still don’t get to see the *maintenance tab*. Any suggestions please? I’m at the point of throwing the printer out the window (not even joking!). I’ve been on the phone to Epson three times, as initially all I wanted the maintenance tab for was to clean the nozzles. Epson sent me drivers etc, none of which would load, so I assumed that was because the drivers were already up-to-date etc. I then removed the printer drivers from the computer, and then set them up from the links sent from Epson. I still can’t see the *maintenance tab* (all I can see is: Layout and Paper/ Quality). I have been cleaning the nozzles by pressing and holding on the red circle/ diamond button for a few seconds, and letting it run its cycle – which temporarily fixes my printing issues. After a few pages the issue comes back.

    How do you get the maintenance tab to show to situations such as this? Is there even a way to do it??


  2. Hi Elle,

    First of, my apologies for the late reply. I do hope your issue has been fixed now. Installing an updated driver should have fixed your issue. Have you tried connecting your printer to another device? Maybe you have a laptop and desktop in your home. Try connecting the printer to another device, make sure that recent driver is installed in the device and check if you see the maintenance tab.

  3. I am in the exact same boat. There is no Maintenance Tab period. The latest driver from is Ver. 6.6.2 from the exe epson 14816.exe Not only is there no Maintenace Tabe just as important I am unable to choose different the paper size I need, 13×19 or 11×17. There is a letter option and 4 others not worth mentioning. But on my other machine which is a Windows 7 I have no problem. That machine uses 6.61 driver. How would I successfully install that 6.61 driver and somehow keep the system from not automatically downloading the latest driver? I was going to see if that worked but not if I don’t have to. Any advice?

  4. One more thing….I have an Epson 1400. So right now getting around my big problem is I have both systems going and plugging my epson stylus 1400 to my windows 7 machine when I need to …..which is 90% of the time because of the missing options that I had on windows 7. Thanks for any help.

    1. Hi Maria, in my own experience, on the machine which you say has missing options, you can uninstall the printer driver. Download the version you think that works. 6.6.1 version. Then install it. Carefully choose the option you select during installation since you might tick the option to automatically update. I know this is not a long term solution but you can give it a try.

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