Fix: Computer Not Starting – Broken Motherboard


Recently, a client came to us asking for help since his computer is not starting. He mentioned it was almost 2 weeks already that his computer is running slower than usual and now it’s not anymore turning on.

After a thorough checking, we discovered that the problem is a broken motherboard. The best thing to do is replace the mother with a new one.

Important Things You Need to Know First

Files are Probably OK

When we experience our computer not starting, the very first thing that usually comes into our mind is the important files in it. Now, be assured that most probably, your files are ok. Most people have this wrong perception that their files are also gone for good simply because they can’t turn on their device.

This problem is usually because of a faulty hardware, but it has nothing to do with the hard drive where your files are stored. So again, no need to panic as your document, images, music and videos are all fine.

 Check Signs of Power

If you are using a desktop, check first if certain lights are on which can either be on the back on in front of the case. If it’s turning on and you hear the fan in the case, you might want to check the monitor. It might be your monitor that has a problem.

Observe Carefully what happens on your Device

Most probably, there would be 2 general cases if ever your device is turning on but you still can’t use it.

1. Computer turns off then off.
2. Computer turns on but nothing happens

If any of these is the case, then there is a different way of fixing it. Thus, you have to carefully check and do the checking a couple of times to ensure that you have understood well what the problem of your computer is.

Computer not Starting – Motherboard Problem

Again, in this case, we have concluded that the motherboard of the computer was damaged. This is after making sure that the power supply still works. After replacing the board, the computer is now functional.

The question is, Is this always the case? Yes, most probably, when your computer does not turn on, the first culprit is the power supply. Upon checking that the power supply is good, check the connections from the power supply to the motherboard, if nothing is wrong with the PSU, then most probably, the problem is on the motherboard.

Old AM3 Emaxx Motherboard

The problem is the motherboard is already very old and is phased-out, only 2nd hand items are left. We prefer a new one for warranty purposes that’s why we opted for a new motherboard that is not that expensive. Still an Emaxx Brand.

New EMX-A70FM2


  • Solid Capacitors
  • USB 3.0
  • 6 Channel Audio
  • Dual DDR3
  • Turbo Core 3.0
  • CoolnQuiet
  • Sata 6.0


We purchase this motherboard mainly because of budget constraints.  We also purchased a new processor since the old one we have is not anymore supported. The old one is AMD Athlon X2 250.

EMX-A70FM2 - Emaxx Motherboard - Cheap

AMD A4 6300 Processor

Again, we opted for this processor since it fits the clients budget.


  • Dual Core Processor
  • 3.9 GHz MAx 3.7 GHz Base
  • AMD Eyefinity Technology – enables you to work with multiple monitors with a max resolution up to 5760 x 1200
  • Discrete GPU Technology


After installing these 2 new parts, the computer is now working properly.

If you are experiencing problems with your computer and you live in Davao City area, don’t hesitate to give us a message.

Hi Reader, if you also have a computer that fails to start at all, or starts but does not reach windows main interface, please leave a comment below. Give us details of the problem and we’ll try to help.

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