No Audio from Laptop but Headphone is Plugged In


We all have experienced it didn’t we? No audio from Laptop but headphone is plugged in and this problem is one of the most frustrating experience there is especially when the need of the audio is so dire. Or even just watching your favorite YouTube channel, it’s just plain frustrating that you can’t hear a thing.

Don’t worry though, we have compiled some of the things you can do to check and fix the problem. Below are 5 simple troubleshooting tips to sort a nuisance o audio’ problem.
But, before we dive in to these tips, try this first.

Quickest Way to Test where the problem is:

Try using the headphone on your mobile phone, if it works, then the problem has something is in your laptop. And you can proceed with the tips below.

If there is still no audio on your mobile phone, then most likely you have a problematic headphone. For this, it is best to purchase a new one. Problem Solved!

Update Audio Drivers

More often than not, outdated sound and audio drivers cause sound loss. Outdated drivers often cause computer programs and hardware to malfunction. An easy solution to this problem is found by updating the drivers through the Device Manager.

For this, go to Device Manager and find Speakers from the display options provided. Check drivers from the option given and update. If the drivers are updated and the problem persists, try fixing your problem with the next tip.

Update Driver using a Software:

We have actually found an excellent software that could also help you with updating your drivers easily including your audio driver.

The name of the application is Driver Booster. Now, no need to worry about cost since this is a free tool.

It’s easy to use because of its nice user interface.

Use Windows Troubleshooting Tool

Troubleshooting with the Windows feature easily fixes all your systems problems. Though the troubleshooter feature automatically provides a solution, it’s advisable that you run the feature before trying other attempts to fix the problem.

If you are using Windows 10, click the Windows Button at the bottom left part of the screen, then on the search box, type Find and Fix audio playback problem.
The feature requires you to;

  1. Open the Troubleshooting Tool and in the search box, type Find and Fix audio.
  2. In the results displayed, select Find and Fix audio problems, then click next.
  3. Select the headphone device, the device you’re having problems with, and click next.
  4. Give the Troubleshooter a few minutes to fix the problem.
  5. Once the troubleshooter is done, a page will be displayed listing the issues found, together with a list of changes made. For more detailed information, click on the View detailed information.

If the feature provides a solution to your problem, click Apply this Fix. You can also select Skip this Step to search and continue searching for more problems. If the problem persists, continue to the next tip in the article for more solutions.

Checking Speaker and Sound settings.

Once you’re done with Troubleshooting, set the system speakers to default mode, then:

  1. Select the search option provided, and type sounds. Select Change Sounds option from results displayed.
  2. For the Sound section, select the Playback tab and click on headphones. Click the set default feature. This will enable your earphones to be the automatic Playback default feature, over the other devices connected to your system.
  3. Click on the configure button, after selecting your default Playback Device.
  4. Proceed to setup your speaker in the Audio channels.
  5. Click Test button to play sound with your device or select a speaker to play your sound from. If your sound does respond, then you are done. In case you still have no sound, finish configuring your device or follow more instructions by clicking on next. If your device does not respond, continue with step below.

Using the Device Manager to Solve Audio problems.

If the sound problem persists, it may be due to some recent changes on your hardware may be causing the problem. For this step, proceed to the Device Manager and:

  1. Access the Device Manager by clicking the Windows button. From the search option available, type device manager.
  2. From the Device Manager, select the Sound, video and game controllers option.
  3. Attempt the following from your display. Right- click on your headphones and select Enable, if they are disabled. You can also right click on the device name from the available list and click on Properties which provides more device options.

In case the Device Status shows that the headphones are correctly connected, your sound should be able to function correctly. If you are still getting an audio problem, its’ recommended to check your sound settings or cables which may be cause of the problem.

Computer Restoration Techniques

Restoring your computer to an earlier state should always be as a last resort, that when all the troubleshooting techniques have failed. It’s necessary to have a back up for your data before attempting computer restoration, to prevent data loss.
To perform System Restore:

  1. Click on the Start Button and type System Restore from the search box.
  2. Follow the installation wizard to restore your computer.

Note: Do not go for this last option if you do not fully understand what you are doing. In other words, only the computer experts should do this.

If the first 4 techniques did not work for you, then it is best to ask or call someone who is knowledgeable about computers/laptops.

Comment below if this had helped you or if you have any suggestions you want to add to this list of solution.

I have been a computer and technology enthusiasts since college days where I took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Writing started as a hobby till I started earning through it which started last 2014. Since then I have writing and blogging. And also trying to expand my knowledge in the field of online marketing.

2 thoughts on “No Audio from Laptop but Headphone is Plugged In

  1. It’s such a great help that I have stumbled upon this article for I was having trouble with my audio set up on my laptop. I followed your tip to test my headphone on my mobile to see if it ‘s going to work, which actually did, but still failed to work on my laptop. I guess I will have to bring my laptop to a good computer repair service in order to fix the problem.

    1. Glad to know we were able to help. Yes, in most cases, it is best to get the experts deal with the problem. And a good tip would also be to asked what was the problem, what could have led to it and how to prevent the problem from happening. I guess its not a problem asking these questions and it would be good for you to know the answers.

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