What is the Relationship of Science Technology and Society?

Science and Technology have a huge impact on society. It has made the lives of many worthwhile and comfortable. It’s the reason why we now enjoy the comfort that the internet provides, faster and convenient transportation, easy communication tools, better education opportunities and a lot more. However, we should also not forget the fact that the society also affects Science and Technology. In the very first place, its the society, who decides where science and technology go, how far will it soar.

How Science Technology Moves Society

Due to a lot of inventions and innovations, we somehow consider ourselves lucky enough to be in this time. We have electronic devices that help us access the internet and communicate with ease. A lot of things we do not know before are now easily accessible with just some clicks of a button. It’s undeniable that technology is a big factor in where we are now as a society.
We could also highlight how science made a significant impact on health. Due to the medicines that were developed, lesser people die due to illnesses. Serious diseases could now be easily diagnosed before it becomes too serious to treat. People now have access to vitamins, supplements and other things we take to improve health. And with all these, people have become more productive and happy.
Additionally, due to different explorations both above and below our land, we have discovered a lot of things. It may sound cliche, but still, knowledge is power. And the more we know about the world above and below us, the more opportunities we have for development. And again, all these explorations would not be possible without science and technology.

Some Notable Development in Technology

Blockchain Technology

The technology used to run digital currencies or what we popularly know as cryptocurrencies.  With this technology, cryptocurrencies are safe because its immune to counterfeiting and is protected with a strong encryption algorithm.

4G Technology

Its an extremely fast mobile internet. Which means faster checking of social media updates, better viewing of online videos and generally being able to do more online through your mobile phone due to more stable connections. And with this, you can now access the internet while on the move.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Is an area of computer science which somehow gives intelligence to machines, an example is creating self-driving cars that knows how to follow traffic rules.  The simple idea here is designing and creating machines that learn and understand as humans do.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This is the technology that enables us to control different appliances in our home like lighting or air-conditioning with the use of a smartphone. It is also the reason we get the shortest distance suggestion from our smart car. IOT is a network of devices and these devices work to do specific things within the environment where they are operated. This is made possible due to the use of sensors which are embedded in most of our electronic devices from smartphones to appliances.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment which makes you feel that you in that place instead of the environment where you are actually in. For example, even when you are at home, with the use of VR, you can actually be in a different world or place. This technology is commonly used in games and entertainment.

Science and Technology for a Better Future

With all the different challenges we are experiencing right now, from climate change, overpopulation, pollution, incurable diseases, one thing is for sure, we need science and technology to find solutions. For this to work, it needs constant effort from various sectors in the society. We are already aware that there is already technology, but with lack of support from society, it would still be hard to find these solutions.
For example, the government should support more those efforts towards developing technology to solve issues in society.  We could not deny that fact that for inventions to be a realization and get into the doors of the people, it needs funding. Even if innovation is made, if it lacks support and funding, it could not be much of an impact.
So basically the future depends on how well technology and society build its relationship. We should be able to put all the right pieces together for things to work for us and achieve a better future.

The Bad Effects of Technology to Society

The same as with other relationships, we could not expect everything to give us positive outputs. With the comfort that technology is giving us, it also comes with risks and negative effects. Here are some of these.

Lack of Privacy

Due to the advent of technology, we now do a lot of transactions online, however, this lack of privacy puts a risk to everyone’s personal information online. With the right skill and knowledge, this information could easily be in the hands of the wrong people. Plus, some people who are not yet used to using the internet could easily fall to frauds online where other people like hackers could easily record their personal details like username, password and other personal details.
This could be prevented with an effort on the part of the society to educate its people on the proper use of the internet. Educate them on the things to be careful about and the things not to do online in order to protect their privacy as well as formulate laws that could protect people against online threats.

Addiction to Online Games

This is not only a problem for the young generation, but more and more adults nowadays are also falling to the trap of online games addiction. Since there are now a lot of advancements in technology including the gaming sector, games have become more enticing and exciting to play. Anyone who tries to play it ones or twice, it could be hard to stop already. Though there is really nothing wrong with playing online games, when its too much where you spend most of your time playing and you become less productive, it is not good anymore. There are also people now who experience some health issues due to too much game time.
The society also plays a big role in stopping this negative effect. It all comes down to what is being done within the family. Parents have to find ways on how to stop their children from playing online games for too long. There should be a limit on how long they could use their mobile phones to play.

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Technology and Social Change

We have observed the growth of technology for the past years. It made a significant effect on how we communicate. Due to various electronic devices today especially mobile phones, how we communicate had changed drastically. Though it resulted in a better and faster way of communication, it also had some setbacks.
Some say that technology keeps us connected but it also made our society disconnected. It’s quite ironical but somehow it’s true. Even though we have a lot of social media connections, we lack real interaction and relationship. There are many who try to get as many followers as possible on social and lots of likes but at the end of the day, these people do not actually care and would not be there for you in your dark moments.
People especially the young ones tend to get too attach online that they lose sight to what really matters. As a simple example, many today spend a lot of hours on social media that they even do not have anymore the time to play and talk to their brothers and sister or to their parents. This is really not good since the young generation holds the future.

How Society Influences Science and Technology

Though most discussions speak about the effect of technology on society, as mentioned earlier, we also have to consider that society also influences technology. If society is not supportive enough, then technology would never prosper. This is not an issue to 1st world countries since they have all the means to support and fund all technological advancements.
However, for countries that do not have this luxury, the development of technology relies much on the values and priorities of the people. Surely, not everyone will be part of the role in pushing technology, so there should be enough groups or institutions that would ensure that technology is not taken for granted.

Smart Technology for a Smart Society

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