The Different Uses of a Computer – The Complete List


Since the invention of the computer, it had already made a significant impact in our life. In general, it had made things a lot easier, faster and more accurate for us.

So what is a computer? Basically, it’s an electronic device that accepts input or data. It has the ability to store, process and retrieve this data whenever is necessary.

Importance of Computer in our Life

If we look at it currently, the most significant impact would be the ability to access information whenever or where ever we are. This made things a lot more convenient for people from stay-at-home moms, students, workers and everyone managing their business.

The time has significantly changed since the invention of the computer, but its importance still continues to grow. Today, computers have become an important part of our life and society. We could confidently say that things would be harder without computers.

Below are some of the notable uses of a computer.


Education has been a significant factor in a lot of peoples success. And when you look into our education system these days, computers play an important role. Both teachers and students use a computer for different purposes. Student records are now stored in computers for easy processing and retrieval when such information is needed.

Computers are also used during class discussions. It could be done in various ways like during presentations, watching relevant online videos and a lot more.

A computer can also be used by a student. Today, a lot of students have their own computer or laptop where they can do their research, work on their project or assignments and other school-related stuff. Though there are certain times that research has to be done in the library, most of the time it can now be done using a computer.

With the fast-paced development of technology, it is great to know that we have our computer to keep us updated on what is happening around us and introducing us to the new discoveries and invention that could make a significant change in our life.


The use of a computer in business starts even prior to the business is created. Of course, when you plan on starting a business, you do a research first and its done on a computer with internet access. As they say, almost everything can be found online now. And this is most likely true. For a person who wants to start a business, the internet is a gold-mine of useful information, tips, do’s and don’ts and more. All of these to ensure that you start your business on the right foot.

Upon realizing the business, a computer is a useful equipment. It could help a business owner in a lot of ways like in the inventory, keeping track of sales, doing marketing, keeping the record of employees and a lot more.

From the conception of the idea going to development, establishment and expanding of a business, a computer will always be an important tool.

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Go to different business stores near you and check if they use at least one computer there. We now even use a spreadsheet application to do the inventory of items in our small store.


Management of a hospital is now done using computers and not just like the computers we have at home, these computers can be called supercomputers as they have more processing power compared to usual computers we have.

Keeping the records of different clients have become easier with the use of a computer. Aside from easy storage, it also helps a lot in the accurate assessment of a patients consideration base on different present factors and previous medical history. Information stored in a computer several months or years ago becomes an important part of solving the puzzle of treating a patient’s condition.

Conditions of patients who undergo surgeries are now also monitored with the use of different devices which are connected to a computer. This is very important as decisions in an operation are made in real time and various factors have to be considered. Good thing doctors have now access to very important information or details they need which they can use in making decisions.

We could not deny the fact that with the use of a computer, people now enjoy a better health service from different hospitals.

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Banking Sector

Another major use of a computer is in the banking sector. Surely you have noticed that when you enter a bank, you do not only see one computer. What you see is a network of computers with the purpose of accurately and safely keeping bank records and transactions.

Computers are also the reason why we are now able to easily withdraw money anywhere we go using ATM Machines. And speaking of accessing our money anytime, we could also now do online banking. With this, we now do various banking activities online.

Online purchase has become very much popular these days due to its convenience. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home just to purchase the item you want to buy. All you have to do is use make payment online using your credit or debit card. Or you can use other services that let you pay online like PayPal or Payoneer.

In general, banks have used a computer in order to accurately and safely manage all banking activities and transactions. And the end goal is to provide a faster, better and more convenient banking experience for their clients.

Lets get to know some Banking Trends.

Government Offices

I think its pretty obvious that computers are also used in different Government Offices. This is to meet their goal of providing excellent service to their people. Most of the people’s need when doing a government transaction has something to do with recording or retrieving some information and this is conveniently done with the use of a computer.

Government offices also use computers to generally manage all transactions done in their office especially when it comes to storing various records. It is also their main tool in order to offer people the best government service possible.

Surely you have noticed that a decade ago, government transactions take too long to finish. However, today, these transactions are a lot faster with the aid of various computer systems and applications.

A lot of government offices these days also have their own website and this is done for various reasons. One obvious reason is to easily connect with everyone especially now that almost everyone has access to the internet. A computer is used to manage these websites.

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At home

According to a record, around 70% of homes today has at least one computer. This just speaks of the importance of this device. There are a lot of uses of a computer at home.

Dad can use it in doing his work and learning something new to add to his skill set. Mom could also use it to access various tutorials and tips on the best practices in the kitchen to improve her cooking and a lot more. The kids use a computer to do school related stuff like research aside from watching videos for entertainment.

Today, Work at Home opportunities is also becoming popular. The only thing you need to do this kind of job is a computer and a reliable internet access. As long as you have the skills, then you are good to go. There is now a lot of websites that could offer you the job that fits you and do it in the comfort of your home.

If ever you do not want to work online, then you can just simply setup your own online store with the use of your computer. Facebook, which is one of the most popular social media networks these days could help you a lot in starting your own online store.



Though traditional way of marketing like using flyers, brochures, radio, and television still exist, online marketing had significantly become popular these days. This is the main reason why there are now a lot of online marketing agencies competing to offer service both to new and established businesses.

And when we talk about online marketing, the best thing about it is it could offer you with a wide range of reports highlighting the different side of the marketing campaign like the location of your customers, which products are getting more sales, how these customers are finding your business and a lot more. With this access to this information, business owners are able to make better and more accurate decisions.

Above all things, I think it’s important to point out that marketing online doesn’t have to be expensive. If you do not have the finances to pay for an agency or company yet, you can always do online marketing on your own. There are a lot of online tools which you can use for free and social media platforms are free as well to use and reach out to potential clients. All you need is a computer, an internet access, and a marketers mind in order to get started.

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Do you have a hobby? A lot of people who have hobbies today use a computer. This is because doing a research about the thing you deeply love is conveniently done on a computer.

The internet also provides the opportunity for people with the same interest to mingle with each other through online forums and communities.

Does your hobby involve purchasing some items? Then you can easily do it online as long as you have a computer and internet.

Personal Development

Are you into signing? or dancing? or you love drawing? Regardless of your talent, you can use a computer to enhance it and to share it with others. When you have a talent, aside from doing your best to develop it, you also have to share it. Do not keep your talent to yourself.

Surely you know about Youtube, it has now become a popular platform for those who have talents because anyone could easily showcase their talent in a video and upload it on Youtube. With this, people from all over the world would know how good you are.

For example, those who love signing have their own Youtube channels where they show their skills in signing with their cover songs or personally created songs. This is a popular way for millennials these days to let everyone know about their skills or talents. All you need is a computer, a recording device, internet and a Youtube account.

When you now have a good following on Youtube, you can create a Facebook page so you have a platform where people will get regular updates on what you do.

Aside from those who already have talents, a computer can also be used to search the internet for tips on how to improve those skills especially for people who want to better in their craft like singing and dancing. Do a quick search on Youtube and you’ll find videos you can totally access for free that could give valuable tips, techniques, and advice.


One of the main uses of a computer from the time it was created was for science research. Keeping records and analyzing data is easier, faster and more efficient when done on a computer. But of course, the capacity of a computer in analyzing data for science is also limited to programs or application which are man-made.

There is science in everything around us which only means that there also a lot of information to store and process. And the best thing with having a computer around is the ability to share information with anyone fast. This means that when there are several group or team in a certain research project, collaboration is easy.

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Today, you don’t have to go outside to watch a movie since you can now easily do it at home using a computer. Watching movies and other videos can be done anywhere today as long as you have internet access.

One of the most popular means of checking out videos these days for entertainment is through Youtube. You can find here all types of videos from funny videos, documentaries, informative videos, music videos and more.

Aside from videos, there are also people these days who enjoy reading, its there form of entertainment. And this is also possible when you have a computer, the internet is a great source of materials to read. Now, most people who are into reading are also into writing as well. Different sites could help you when it comes to starting your storytelling career or hobby like Wattpad.

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In general, computers made our life easier. We would not experience the convenience we enjoy today without the computer. Computers are now used in homes, business, government and a lot more and it does not stop there. As technology changes and improves, the uses of computer also piles up.

I have been a computer and technology enthusiasts since college days where I took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Writing started as a hobby till I started earning through it which started last 2014. Since then I have writing and blogging. And also trying to expand my knowledge in the field of online marketing.

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