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If you are looking for free antivirus software to use, one of your best options is AVAST. I personally consider it a complete tool for protecting your computer even amidst the fact that it’s free. Below are the things I like the most about this software:

Real-Time Computer Protection

Avast can easily detect viruses that enter your computer with its real-time protection. It constantly monitors everything in your computer for traces of malicious actions causes by viruses. With this, your computer won’t be suffering from too many viruses before you conduct a thorough or full scan.

Heuristics Engine

This technology enables the software to detect even though previously unknown threats. Some say that it doesn’t work on their experience while some claims it only works when the security level is set to ‘high’. Regardless, it’s good to know that the free antivirus installed in your computer has this technology.

Easy Installation

I have been using AVAST free antivirus for almost 6 years now and I can say that its installation is pretty much easy. Even though who don’t have that much technical knowledge can install this software easily.

Boot-time Scan

My favorite feature of Avast is its ability to scan your computer in boot-time. When you do a scan on your computer while the operating system is still running, chances are there will be viruses that are hard to detect or remove.
Imagine trying to catch a thief while it’s awake. However, when you do the scan on boot-time, your OS is not running yet, this means that any viruses in your computer are not yet active does making it easy to remove. So now, you can easily catch the thief since its sleeping. Apologies for the analogy, but I think you get the point.

Silent Mode

This is a feature that would certainly be very useful for gamers. If you are into a game, you don’t want your antivirus to make alerts during games as it might cause your game to lag or slow-down. It some instances, it could cause a game to freeze depending on the specs of your computer. In order to avoid such inconvenience during a game, Avast users can set it to ‘Silent Mode’. It’s what I do every time I play Dota 2.

Important Points to Remember

• Avast runs on various OS like Windows 10, 8, 7 and even with Windows XP
• It requires a yearly registration to continue using it.

Final Thoughts

For me, Avast is an excellent free antivirus program since it got everything you need to protect your computer from viruses and malware. And the best thing of all is you don’t have to pay for it. Some other software requires users a premium upgrade to enjoy a higher level of protection. I can say that Avast already offers the protection most of us needs.

Download link on AVAST Homepage:

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